Doctor Jana Debruyne

Dr. Jana Debruyne, assistant dermatologist

Fields of expertise of Dr. Jana Debruyne

  • General dermatology
  • Emergency consultations

Learn more about Dr. Debruyne

Doctor Jana Debruyne graduated in medicine from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, graduating magna cum laude.

Currently, she is completing one year of her specialization in dermatology at the Brussels Skin Center under the supervision of Dr. Claire Debusscher, her internship supervisor. The Brussels Skin Center is indeed an official internship center for doctors in dermatology training.

Your appointment with Dr. Jana Debruyne

At the Brussels Skin Center in Uccle and in the European Quarter, Doctor Jana Debruyne offers you general consultations in English, in French and in Dutch.

The price of a general dermatology consultation is €65, excluding any supplements (technical procedures, etc).