Ms. Nadine Martin

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Fields of expertise of Ms. Nadine Martin

  • Cosmetology (all ages) 

Aesthetic services

  • Hair removal by electrolysis as a complement to laser or as main treatment

  • Specific treatment of acne-prone skin (skin cleansing) in addition to the dermatological prescription

Learn more about Ms. Martin

Ms. Nadine Martin has been a hospital nurse since 1989. She also trained in podiatry and is a wound and scar clinician. She joined the team of dermatologists at the Brussels Skin Center in 2021.

In addition to her work at the Brussels Skin Center, she is an assistant director of the ORPEA Group (group of retirement homes and care clinics).

During her professional career, Ms. Martin has worked in several residences and hospitals as a nurse and head nurse.

Your appointment with Ms. Nadine Martin

At the Brussels Skin Center  in Uccle, Ms. Nadine Martin offers you cosmetology consultations in French and in English.

The price of a session is €55. Please note that cosmetic services are not reimbursed by the mutual insurance company.