Doctor Jonathan Krygier

Dr Jonathan Krygier dermatologist specializing in urological pathologies and skin cancers

Fields of expertise of Dr. Jonathan Krygier

  • General dermatology (from 2 years old)

  • Urological dermatology

Specializations in general dermatology

  • Skin cancer

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) in men and in women

  • Dermatological pathology of the external anogenital region in men

Learn more about Dr. Krygier

Dr. Jonathan Krygier graduated in medicine and dermatology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He practices dermatology in Brussels and consults at the Brussels Skin Center as well as at the Brugmann University Hospital and the S-Clinic of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire St. Pierre (clinic for sexually transmitted infections).

In addition to his practice in general dermatology, Dr. Krygier specializes in urological dermatology. He treats and follows up on conditions related to sexually transmitted infections and male genital mucosal pathologies.

He was trained at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire St. Pierre, the Brugmann University Hospital, and the Dutch-speaking University Hospital UZ Brussel. As a result, Dr. Krygier is bilingual in French and Dutch.

He is a member of the RBSDV (Royal Belgian Society of Dermatology and Venerology), the SFD (French Society of Dermatology) and the EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology).

Your appointment with Dr. Jonathan Krygier

At the Brussels Skin Center in the European Quarter, Doctor Jonathan Krygier offers you general and urological dermatology consultations in French, Dutch and English.

The price of a general dermatology consultation with Dr. Jonathan Krygier is €80, excluding any supplements (technical or aesthetic procedures, etc.). Dr. Krygier is non-conventioned at the Brussels Skin Center.