Ms. Jihane Saadoun

Ms. Jihane Saadoun nurse LightSheer Laser hair removal

Fields of expertise of Ms. Jihane Saadoun

  • Nurse trained in aesthetic dermatology

Aesthetic services

  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis

Learn more about Ms. Saadoun

Ms. Jihan Saadoun has been a nurse since 2010. She graduated from the Sint Guido Instituut in Brussels.

In addition to her nursing studies, Ms. Saadoun has trained in Traditional Chinese medicine (Diploma of the Europe-Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine). This qualification allows her to practice acupuncture and cupping. She has also trained as a neuro-linguistic programmer (NLP).

After 11 years’ experience as a nurse in different medical centers, Ms. Saadoun joined the Brussels Skin Center in 2021. She assists the dermatologist team in permanent hair removal using the LightSheer diode laser, under the supervision of Dr. Claire Debusscher.

Ms. Saadoun offers an informative consultation before any laser treatment. During this session, she will establish a personalized treatment plan based on your particular case (skin type, etc.) and your expectations. She will also provide additional explanations on preparations, the course of treatment and follow-up procedures.

Your appointment with Ms. Jihane Saadoun

At the Brussels Skin Center in Uccle  and in the European Quarter (Brussels), Ms. Jihane Saadoun offers you an informative consultation  in French, in Dutch and in English as well as permanent hair removal by laser and by electrolysis.

Please note that aesthetic services are not reimbursed by the mutual insurance company.