Ms. Marie Comas

Marie Comas cosmetologist in electrolysis and skin cleansing

Fields of expertise of Ms. Marie Comas

  • Cosmetology (all ages) and socio-aesthetics

Aesthetic services

  • Hair removal by electrolysis as a complement to laser or as main treatment

  • Specific treatment of acne-prone skin (skin cleansing) in addition to the dermatological prescription

  • Corrective and reparative dermography: breast areola, scarring, alopecia, eyebrow spotting before chemotherapy

  • Radiofrequency: scarring & discoloration after dermatological advice

Learn more about Ms. Comas

Marie Comas has been a socio-aesthetician and cosmetician in Brussels since 1992.

Following a baccalaureate in art and literature, she went on to specialize in several aesthetics-related fields. As part of the team at the dermatology department of the Erasmus Hospital from 1992 to 2012, Ms. Comas created the first cosmetology consultation service adapted to meet the different needs of the medical teams there. She has been developing a similar service as a consultant at Chirec since 2010. In 2019 she joined the dermatologist team at the Brussels Skin Center.

Ms.Comas also trains young business owners to gain hygiene procedure certifications.

She has trained in electrotherapy, technical advice, reparative dermography, socio-aesthetics and cosmetology. Ms. Comas also offers psychosomatic dermatology and hypnosis services and specializes in art therapy.

She is currently developing her professional career with training in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Your appointment with Ms. Marie Comas

At the Brussels Skin Center  in Uccle, Ms. Marie Comas offers you cosmetology consultations in French and in English.

The price of a session is €55. Please note that cosmetic services are not reimbursed by the mutual insurance company.