Skin cancer

skin cancer screening and treatment at the Brussels Skin Center

At the Brussels Skin Center, dermatologists are also specialized in the detection (screening), treatment and follow-up of skin cancer.


Through a screening, your Brussels Skin Center dermatologist can confirm or not the presence of a (pre-)cancerous lesion and remove it if necessary. Your dermatologist will also determine how often you should repeat the screening. This will depend on your skin type (light type), your family history and how intensely you have been exposed to the sun in the past.

Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis are rough-to-touch, scaly lesion on the skin that are similar to sandpaper. If left untreated, they can evolve into squamous carcinoma. Your dermatologist at the Brussels Skin Center has effective treatments to remove them.


90% of skin cancers are carcinomas. A distinction is made between basocellular and spinocellular carcinomas.

Basocellular carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma

These lesions have a red or pink, pearly appearance and are slow growing lesions. They are the most common skin tumors. They usually do not cause metastases, but do expand locally. It is sufficient to remove them surgically

Spinocellular or squamous cell carcinomas

They usually look like a wart-like shedding of skin cells that may bleed. They should be detected and treated early because they can sometimes cause metastasis.

Malignant melanoma

Malignant melanomas are less common than carcinomas, but these skin tumors are more aggressive. Melanomas develop from the pigment cells that color the skin (new pigment spot or pigment spot that changes appearance). They can lead to remote lesions (metastases). The prognosis is usually good if melanoma is detected in time. So early diagnosis is crucial, especially in high-risk patients (family history, fair skin, intense sun exposure in childhood)

An appointment with your dermatologist at the Brussels Skin Center will enable you to identify such lesions of skin cancer early, have them treated effectively and also provide any follow-up that may be required.