Laser treatments

laser treatment for laser hair removal and vascular laser at the Brussels Skin Center

Your dermatologist at the Brussels Skin Center in Uccle offers you up to date laser treatments. We offer permanent hair removal by laser on all skin types. And thanks to the vascular laser, we offer treatments for rosacea and varicose veins.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal destroys the hair-producing structure, making it possible to remove hair permanently for aesthetic or medical reasons (hirsutism)

Our diode laser is only effective on hair in the growth phase so the best results are only obtained after several sessions. The number and frequency of which will vary depending on the location of the hair and the individual.

At the Brussels Skin Center in Uccle, your dermatologist will offer you the very latest LightSheer diode laser technology, recognized as effective by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, the American federal agency that controls the quality of food and drug products including cosmetics).

We also offer laser hair removal for dark skin (phototype IV to VI).

Vascular laser treatment

The vascular laser treatment is an effective solution for rosacea and varicose veins. Both conditions affect the blood vessels, either by bursting the vessel walls or by clotting the hemoglobin in the red blood cells.

Depending on the diameter of the blood vessel concerned, your dermatologist at the Brussels Skin Center in Uccle will opt for the KTP 532 laser or the Nd-YAG laser, both of which provide leading edge technology.

For information or an appointment in laser treatments, we invite you to contact our center on 02 375 03 70.

Note: Aesthetic treatments are not reimbursed by your health insurance fund.