Laser treatments

laser treatment for laser hair removal and vascular laser at the Brussels Skin Center

The Brussels Skin Center offers state-of-the-art laser treatments, under medical supervision :

  • laser hair removal with the Lightsheer® diode laser or the Excel V® Nd:YAG laser for every skin type, light or darker, and for every body or face area;
  • vascular laser treatments with the Excel V® laser for rosacea, redness and spider veins treatment.
  • Laser Genesis® skin revitalization for a younger and smoother skin.

Laser hair removal

Brussels Skin Center_Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective and permanent solution for removing unwanted face and body hair.

You may want to consider laser hair removal for aesthetic or medical reasons such as hirsutism, razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

The Brussels Skin Center offers various permanent hair removal devices, for optimal flexibility and for an effective and safe treatment for every skin type:

  • Lightsheer® diode laser for permanent hair removal on light skin (phototype I to IV). Available at the Brussels Skin Center Uccle and European Quarter.
  • Nd:YAG Excel V® laser for permanent hair removal on darker skin types (phototype IV to VI). Available at the Brussels Skin Center Uccle and European Quarter.
  • Electrolysis for permanent hair removal of specific areas, for white and gray hair or in addition to laser treatments. Available at the Brussels Skin Center Uccle and European Quarter.

The Brussels Skin Center has been offering state-of-the-art permanent hair removal treatments for more than 10 years, with a team of experienced dermatologists and trained licensed nurses. All permanent hair removal treatments carried out at the Brussels Skin Center are performed under medical supervision.

The lasers used at the Brussels Skin Center allow large areas to be treated in one visit and give noticeable results even after the first treatment. Several sessions, the number and frequency of which may vary according to the treated skin area and your skin type, will provide optimal and long-lasting hair removal.

A consultation with your dermatologist or our trained and licensed nurse is necessary before the first treatment. Your skin will be examined in order to ensure the treatment’s success, which depends on various factors, such as the color and coarseness of the unwanted hair and the area to be treated. Your practitioner may also recommend alternative treatment options. All your questions will be answered and a personalized treatment plan established.

Vascular laser treatment

The vascular laser treatment is an effective solution for rosacea and varicose veins. Both conditions affect the blood vessels, either by bursting the vessel walls or by clotting the hemoglobin in the red blood cells.

Depending on the diameter of the blood vessel concerned, your dermatologist at the Brussels Skin Center in Uccle and in the European Quarter will opt for the KTP 532 laser or the Nd-YAG laser, both of which provide leading edge technology.

Laser Genesis®

Laser Genesis® is a revolutionary treatment that stimulates the skin’s natural processes to reduce the signs of skin aging, as well as superficial wrinkles, redness, scars and sun damage.

Through a series of targeted laser pulses, the collagen production is stimulated, resulting in a restored and rejuvenated skin.

Laser Genesis® can be used on the face, neck or chest and other areas affected by skin aging. 4 to 6 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

For information or any appointment in laser treatments, we invite you to contact us at 02 375 03 70.

Note: Esthetic treatments are not reimbursed by the Belgian health insurance fund.