Brussels Skin Center: Excellence in dermatology in Brussels

Founded in 2010 by Doctor Claire Debusscher, dermatologist in Brussels, the Brussels Skin Center is the leading private dermatology clinic in Brussels. The Center offers comprehensive and professional care for any skin disease, oral and genital mucosal diseases, hair and nail disorders, as well as cutting-edge esthetic treatments.

Your dermatologist in Uccle and in the European Quarter (Brussels)

You will find at the Brussels Skin Center a team of seventeen experienced dermatologists, in Uccle and in the European Quarter (Brussels):

Dr. Marie-Sophie André, Dr. Fanny Camus, Dr Mathilde DaxheletDr. Claire DebusscherDr. Cheyenne Delvaux, Dr. Jonathan Krygier, Dr. Xuân-Lan Lam HoaiDr. Michèle Lejeune, Dr Makiko Miyamoto, Dr. Florence Neczyporenko, Pr. Dominique Parent, Dr. Pascale Pelletier, Dr. Adèle RakosiDr. Valerie Reinshagen, Dr. Déborah SalikDr. Nathalie Sène and Dr. Maureen Tasia.

In addition to general dermatology, our team of dermatologists specialises in the screening and monitoring of skin cancers, in pediatric dermatology, in dermatologic surgery and in the treatment of mucosal disorders.

You will be able to consult with one of our dermatologists in French, English, Dutch, German and Japanese. Dermatologists at the Brussels Skin Center are private consultants (outside the health insurance scheme).

The best care without having to wait for long

In order to reduce the waiting time for urgent dermatological issues, the Brussels Skin Center offers patients the option to make an appointment with one of our assistant dermatologists, Dr. Margot Fontaine and Dr. Jana Debruyne, under the supervision of our team of experienced dermatologists. Indeed, the Brussels Skin Center is an approved out-of-hospital internship service for dermatologists in specialist training. This teamwork allows us to offer you the best care, within a reasonable time.

A full range of esthetic dermatology treatments

The Brussels Skin Center team offers you a full range of treatments and care in esthetic dermatology: botulinum toxin and filler injections, exfoliative skin peeling, microneedling, PRP therapy, microdermabrasion, electrolysis hair removal, etc.

We are also equipped with the best lasers for permanent laser hair removal (Lightsheer), the treatment of rosacea, spider veins and pigmented lesions (Excel V), as well as skin rejuvenation (Genesis).

Our team of dermatologists is complemented by a cosmetologist, Ms. Marie Comas, and a specialist nurse in laser treatments, Ms. Jihane Saadoun.