Brussels Skin Center: Excellence in dermatology in Brussels

The Brussels Skin Center is a dermatology clinic, founded by Brussels dermatologist Dr Claire Debusscher, offering professional, comprehensive care and treatment for all skin, hair and nail conditions.

Adult and pediatric dermatology, skin cancer, laser treatments and cosmetic dermatology

The complementary expertise offered by our dermatologists allows the clinic to provide a very wide range of care including general and pediatric dermatology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and dermatological surgery.

The Brussels Skin Center also offers leading edge services in aesthetic dermatology including definitive laser hair removal, botulinus toxin, hyaluronic acid (wrinkle reduction) and vascular laser treatment (broken veins).

See the “Pathologies and services” section for further information on the dermatological conditions treated and the cosmetic treatments offered in Uccle and in the European Quarter (Brussels, near Etterbeek).