Mrs Marie Comas

Marie Comas cosmetologist Brussels Skin Center - Uccle

Marie Comas has practised as a beautician and cosmetologist in Brussels since 1992. After studying in Paris, she went on to specialise in electrophysiotherapy, socio-aesthetics and corrective dermography.

Marie Comas was part of the Dermatology Department of the Erasmus Hospital from 1992 to 2012, where she developed targeted aesthetic cosmetology for a wide range of conditions.

A consultant at CHIREC since 2010, Marie Comas has extended the field of cosmetology to include treatments designed to complement dermatological and cosmetic procedures:

  • specific skin-cleansing for acne
  • follow-up electrolysis in hair removal
  • corrective dermography of the mammary areolas, the eyebrows and for scar management
  • advice on corrective care
  • use of quadripolar radiofrequency for the reduction of scars, pigmentary spots, lines and wrinkles, and skin remodelling.

Marie Comas is also a trainer for young entrepreneurs in the field of socio-aesthetics.

Marie Comas joined the Brussels Skin Center team as a cosmetologist and works in collaboration with the Center’s team of dermatologists. She speaks fluent French and English and is also able to communicate with patients in Spanish and Dutch.