Your dermatologist in Brussels

team Brussels Skin Center dermatologist, cosmetologist, nurse

Need a dermatologist in Uccle or in the European Quarter?

The Brussels Skin Center has a team of 20 practitioners at your service:

  • 17 dermatologists
  • 1 assistant dermatologist in specialist training
  • 1 cosmetologist
  • 1 laser specialist nurse

Thanks to the complementary specialisations of our dermatologists, the Brussels Skin Center is able to treat all type of dermatological disorders while also providing you with cutting-edge care in esthetic dermatology.

In addition to the most common dermatological issues, which all our dermatologists will treat, the specialist teams at the Brussels Skin Center will take care of certain types of disorders and treatments.

Oral mucosal diseases:


A personalised welcome to provide you with patient-centred care

At the Brussels Skin Center, you can expect reasonable appointment waiting times, including for any urgent appointment with your dermatologist, continuity and consistency in the quality of care, and a personalised and friendly welcome in a contemporary setting.

Please note that the dermatologists at the Brussels Skin Center are private consultants (outside the health insurance scheme).